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Sent to All Student, Faculty & Staff - August 28, 2023

Welcome to Fall - 08.28.23 | Office of Equity and Access (1)

Welcome from the Equity and Access

The Office of Equity and Access (OEA) hopes this message finds you in high spirits and eagerly anticipating the Fall 2023 semester. We wanted to take this opportunity to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to both our returning students and employees as well as those joining us for the first time.

Stony Brook University is committed to fostering a safe, welcoming and accessible community that values every individual's unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We oversee the University’s policies that ensure compliance with federal and state laws that guarantee equal opportunity and prohibit discrimination.As we embark on a new semester together, we want to assure you that OEA's commitment to equal educational and employment opportunity, equity and access remains unwavering.

OEA's team is here to support you throughout your Stony Brook University journey.Whether you have questions about accommodations, resources, or reporting an incident of discrimination, including sexual misconduct, we are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way.

Once again, welcome to Stony Brook University's fall semester.Let's embrace the opportunity to learn from one another, work together, challenge our perspectives, and create a campus that thrives on the richness of our differences. Together, we can make Stony Brook University a place where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to excel.

New Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Website

OEA has streamlined and consolidated information on our website concerning Stony Brook University's response to Sexual Misconduct, including Title IX on ourSexual Misconduct and Title IX website.

Safe Exit Feature

A critical new feature of OEA's new Sexual Misconduct and Title IX website is theExit Sitefeature. This feature allows the user to quickly exit either via the "Exit Site" button on the top right of each page or the ESC key. When activated the browser will redirect to Google and the browser history for that webpage will be deleted. This assists users afraid of prying eyes in safely and quickly exiting the page undetected.

This feature is also included onstonybrook.edu/reportit- OEA's quick access page for reporting as well as ourReport Form for Allegations of DiscriminationandSexual Misconduct Initial Report Form.

Ease of Use

The new siteprominentlydisplays quick links to various resources to help students and employees quickly find services that may help them following an incident. These includehow to contact law enforcement,options for obtaining medical care,how to report an incident to OEAandinformation on finding support services.Information for individuals who are required to reportand forindividuals looking to support a friend or colleagueare also included.

The former standalone Title IX webpage, including all information required by the 2020 regulations, is now housed under our umbrella Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Site and can be easily found using the Title IX menu at the top of the page.

Participate Today! ReportIt: Ending Sexual Misconduct

As part of our effort to ensure that every member of the Stony Brook University Community understands their rights and responsibilities, what constitutes respectful and appropriate conduct and what conduct should be reported the Office of Equity and Access has developed a series of online programs entitled ReportIt; Ending Sexual Misconduct.

ReportIt: Ending Sexual Misconducthas been designedto provide an overview on Stony Brook University'sprohibition of sexual misconduct and reporting options, rights and available support services for the Stony Brook University community. It is required annual programming for the following populations:

Welcome to Fall - 08.28.23 | Office of Equity and Access (3)

If you have taken ReportIt previously, you can participate in the

Welcome to Fall - 08.28.23 | Office of Equity and Access (4)

Complete ReportIt for OnBoarding Students by 9/30/2023

  • All employees,
  • Onboarding undergraduate,
  • Onboarding graduate and post graduate students,
  • Onboarding professional students,
  • Student Eboard members, and
  • Student Athletes

Complete your Reporting Training today!

Where Can I.....? OEA Services

Report Allegations of Discrimination

Allegations of discrimination on the basis ofallprotected classes under federal or state laws can be reported usingourReport Form for Allegations of Discrimination.More on Reporting Discrimination.

Welcome to Fall - 08.28.23 | Office of Equity and Access (5)

Welcome to Fall - 08.28.23 | Office of Equity and Access (6)

      • Report an Accessibility Barrier

        In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, OEA will work with partner offices to address any accessibility barriers that are brought to our attention using ourAccessibility Barrier Report Form.More on Reporting a Barrier.

Report Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Allegations of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and sexual violence, can be reported using ourSexual Misconduct Incident Report Form.More on Reporting An Allegation.

Request a Disability Accommodation

In compliance with the ADA, OEA provides reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified disabled employees when required to perform an essential job function.Disability-based accommodations can be requested using theEmployee Disability Accommodation Request Form.More on Requesting An Accommodation.

Ensuring Equitable Recruitment

OEA partners with Human Resources, the School of Medicine and the Office of the Provost to ensure Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action and compliance with all applicable federal and state laws in our hiring processes.More on Equitable Recruitment.

Request a Religious Accommodation

In compliance with the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, OEA provides religious accommodation unless doing so would create an undue hardship using ourReligious Accommodation Report Form.More on Religious Accommodations.

Stony Brook University Policies

Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action

Stony Brook University prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, familial status, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, criminal convictions, domestic violence victim status, and veteran or military status and all other protected classes under federal or state laws...Review Full Equal Opportunity Policy.

Sexual Misconduct and Reporting Policy

The University is responsible for and fully committed to the prevention and elimination of discrimination on the basis of sex, gender and/or gender identity. Review Full Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Policy on Relationships

It is the policy of Stony Brook University that employees in supervisory or instructional positions shall not engage in or pursue a romantic and/or sexual relationships with any subordinates, including but not limited to: trainees, interns, students, or others within their sphere of influence. Review Full Policy on Relationships..

Accommodating Pregnant Students

Pregnant students in need of medically necessary leave or other medically necessary reasonable accommodation will be treated as if they had a temporary disability. Stony Brook University will engage in an interactive process with a pregnant student who requires necessary medical leave and/or reasonable accommodation...Review Accommodating Pregnant Students Policy.

Digital Accessibility Policy

In furtherance of our commitment to inclusivity and environments that are free from discrimination, the University will deliver Electronic and Information Technologies (EIT) (i.e., digital content and information technology resources) in a manner that is accessible to persons with disabilities. Review Full Digital Accessibility Policy.

  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Progress Report April 2023

  • Stony Brook University's Non-Discrimination Statement - 3.7.24

  • Disability Update - 1.22.24

  • Welcome Back - 1.22.24

  • Welcome to Winter-Spring - 1.3.24

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Welcome to Fall - 08.28.23 | Office of Equity and Access (2024)
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