Crunchy Keto Fried Chicken Tenders Low Carb Recipe | KetoVale (2024)

Crunchy Keto Fried Chicken Tenders Low Carb Recipe | KetoVale (1)

By Tanya K. / Dinner, Recipes / updated on October 17, 2023

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I’ve cracked the code to make these delicious keto chicken tenders (also known as chicken fingers, chicken goujons, or chicken strips). They are perfect for a snack or for a full lunch.

This mouthwatering low carb chicken tenders will make your friends and family love you. They won’t even know that it’s low carb.

Traditional fried chicken tenders is breaded with enriched flour or all purpose flour, which contains gluten and is highly inflammatory for some people. It’s also loaded with carbs and empty calories.

Almond flour is an excellent gluten-free substitute for flour. It’s loaded with healthy nutrients, including monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber.Using almond meal as breading is a good choice for low carb diets.

Almonds are also a good source of vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant in the body to reduce inflammation and free radicals. Vitamin E also helps improve skin health (1).

I like it a little bit spicy. You can add extra herbs and spices of your choice when marinating the chicken but it is optional. You can prepare them fried or baked.

You can use homemade ketchup, mayonnaise, or sour cream for the dip. The entire process is very simple: marinate chicken and coat with almond flour then deep-fry it. That’s it!

To deep fry food, it’s best to use high smoke point oils, such as beef tallow (rendered beef fat), lard (rendered pig fat), or coconut oil.

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How to Make Low Carb Fried Chicken Tenders

Cut the chicken breast in lengthwise strips.

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With a mortar, mash the garlic cloves and spices. Pour the mixture over the chicken. Add egg, lemon juice and sour cream in and mix well to marinate the chicken strips.

Cover and refrigerate approximately one hour, turning occasionally so all the flavors can get inside the meat.

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Once the chicken is well-marinated, drain all the unnecessary liquid off to get ready for coating.

In a plastic container with lid, place almond flour in and the chicken pieces. Make sure the lid is on and shake until all the chicken is covered with almond flour.

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Heat oil in a deep fryer to 375 degrees. Add coconut oil in.

Fry coated chicken in hot oil for 10 to 15 minutes or until it begins to turn brown.

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Remove from heat and serve.

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Keto Fried Chicken Tenders

These low-carb chicken tenders coated with almond flour will be a perfect keto meal.

Course Dinner, Lunch

Cuisine Ketogenic, Low Carb

Keyword keto chicken tenders

Prep Time 10 minutes minutes

Cook Time 15 minutes minutes

Passive time 1 hour hour

Total Time 1 hour hour 25 minutes minutes

Servings 4

Calories 349kcal

Author Tanya K.


US CustomaryMetric


  • Slice your chicken breast to produce lengthwise ribbons.

  • Smash the spices and garlic clove in a mortar. Coat the chicken with the crushed spices and garlic. Crack the egg in the chicken bowl. Mix together with the sour cream and lemon juice. Fold gently to drench the chicken in the seasonings.

  • Cover the chicken with the lid and chill in the fridge for about an hour, flipping the pieces occasionally to marinate thoroughly. After an hour, remove the liquid to make sure the meat is not too wet and soggy.

  • Pour the almond flour in a container with a lid. Transfer the seasoned chicken into the container. Replace the lid on and shake well to coat the chicken with enough flour.

  • Set a deep fryer to 375°F and pour in the oil in.

  • Once the oil becomes hot enough, deep fry the chicken strips for 10-15 minutes. Serve immediately once the strips become golden.


Nutrition Facts

Keto Fried Chicken Tenders

Amount Per Serving

Calories 349Calories from Fat 189

% Daily Value*

Fat 21g32%

Saturated Fat 4g20%

Cholesterol 128mg43%

Sodium 759mg32%

Potassium 498mg14%

Carbohydrates 8g3%

Fiber 3g12%

Sugar 2g2%

Protein 34g68%

Vitamin A 287IU6%

Vitamin C 3mg4%

Calcium 90mg9%

Iron 2mg11%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Crunchy Keto Fried Chicken Tenders Low Carb Recipe | KetoVale (2024)
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