Cookie Butter Recipes (2024)

If you love all things cookie butter, you’re in the right place! Turn this delightful treat into something even more amazing with this recipe collection. We’re showing you how to use cookie butter in all your favorite treats!

We’ve gathered nine incredible Biscoff cookie butter recipes and we’re so excited to share with you. From cakes to cookies and cinnamon rolls to cheesecake, we’ve got a recipe for every occasion.

Cookie Butter Recipes (1)

What is Cookie Butter?

Cookie butter is a spread made of Belgian speculoos spice cookies that are finely ground. The result is a spread with a consistency similar to peanut butter and other nut butters. It can be used anywhere you’d use Nutella or peanut butter.

Speculoos have spices that might remind you of gingerbread, but their flavor is more caramelized and buttery, with a texture similar to shortbread. Biscoff cookie butter is a magical treat that is made when those cookies are pulverized.

It’s creamy, dreamy and beyond delicious. Enjoy it all on its own, or use it to take your desserts to a whole new level!

Cookie Butter Recipes (2)

Where to Find Cookie Butter

We buy our cookie butter at Trader Joe’s, but it’s available in many grocery stores these days. Or, buy it here!

Cookie Butter Recipes (3)

9 Easy Cookie Butter Recipes

Sure, cookie butter is incredible right out of the jar, but we know we can do more! I think you’re going to love these incredible desserts as much as we do!

No Bake Cookie Butter Cheesecake

This is a deliciously sweet way to use everyone’s favorite jar of Biscoff spread! And bonus – no oven required.

Pastries, Pies, Tarts & Crusts

No Bake Cookie Butter Cheesecake

This no bake cookie butter cheesecake is dangerously delicious and packed full of sweet and creamy goodness. It’s the easiest way to throw a luscious dessert together in a flash, with just four filling ingredients. Read More

2 hrs 10 mins

Biscoff Cake

This is a light and fluffy cake, infused with cookie butter from the batter to the frosting. It’s so easy to make, which makes it a little dangerous!

Cakes Cupcakes & Bars

Biscoff Cake Recipe

This Biscoff cake recipe is fluffy and light, and topped with a delicious creamy cookie butter frosting. It’s a simple sheet cake that anyone can make – no complicated layering or frosting required!Read More

1 hr 20 mins

Cookie Butter Cinnamon Rolls

Make these ooey, gooey and decadent rolls with your jar of cookie butter. Once you try them, you’ll never want a cinnamon roll any other way!

Breakfast & Brunch

Biscoff Cinnamon Rolls

These are the most incredible cookie butter cinnamon rolls to combine our favorite yeasty sweet rolls with everyone’s favorite spiced cookie flavor. Read More

1 hr

Cookie Butter Bars

Like granola bars, except better! These no bake cookie butter bars are wonderful on holiday dessert displays, but they are delicious any time of the year.

Cakes Cupcakes & Bars

No Bake Cookie Butter Bars

This no bake cookie butter bar recipe (thank you Trader Joe’s cookie butter) will satisfy your sweet and salty tooth! This no-bake cookie butter bar has a crunchy, salty chip crust and a layer of silky, smooth chocolate.Read More

2 hrs 10 mins

Cookie Butter Ice Cream

This no churn ice cream recipe is unbelievably easy to make. With just three ingredients an a few minutes of your time, you’re on your way to something spectacular!

Ice Cream

Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Creamy, dreamy cookie butter ice cream is made with just three ingredients in five minutes hands on time. Even better? It’s made without special ice cream makers! Read More

6 hrs 5 mins

Cookie Butter Frosting

This pourable, creamy frosting recipe focuses on the delightful flavor of Biscoff spread – and you don’t want to skip it. It’s particularly delicious on our cookie butter cinnamon rolls, but you can use it anywhere!

Frostings & Glazes

Cookie Butter Frosting

If cookie butter is good, then cookie butter frosting is probably better. Our Biscoff icing is filled with the classicly sweet, spiced flavor of the famous cookie spread.Read More

5 mins

Make a S’mores Board

Use Biscoff cookies and cookie butter both on a s’mores display for the ultimate indulgence! It’s such a great option to replace chocolate, or even in addition to chocolate.


S’mores Charcuterie Board

Let’s start a fire and make the most festive s’mores charcuterie board for your next party! Gather around the camp fire and make a s’mores board – it’s the cutest way to enjoy this classic treat. Read More

15 mins

Biscoff Sandwich Cookies

These Biscoff sandwich cookies are the ultimate treat for cookie lovers! Irresistibly creamy Biscoff spread is sandwiched between two crispy, buttery almond cookies to make your day just a little bit sweeter.

Cookie Butter Recipes (11)

Speculoos Cookie Crust

Last but not least, this one is made with Speculoos cookies themselves! I couldn’t finish this collection of cookie butter recipes without this one, even though it doesn’t include the spread.

Try this for any of your favorite cheesecakes or no bake pies.

Pastries, Pies, Tarts & Crusts

Speculoos Cookie Crust

This speculoos cookie crust is the perfect way to add a little spice to your pies and no bake desserts. It’s the BEST combination of just a few ingredients: the spiced gingerbread style Speculoos cookies used to make cookie butter, sugar and butter.Read More

10 mins

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Cookie Butter Recipes (2024)
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