50 Best Biscoff Recipes 🍯 Beyond Recipes with Lotus Biscoff Spread (2024)

If you’re looking for the best Biscoff recipes using the cookies as well as the Biscoff spread, you’ve come to the right place.

With their unique caramelized flavor and crispy texture, Biscoff cookies have inspired culinary creativity worldwide.

Get ready for a delicious journey through the world of Biscoff-infused treats, where each bite is packed with the unmistakable charm of these delightful cookies.

Best Biscoff Recipes

Whether you’re an experienced baker or just looking to indulge your sweet tooth, these recipes are sure to tantalize your taste buds. So come and explore the world of Biscoff, where every bite is a sweet surprise waiting to be discovered. Let’s get started!

1. Biscoff Cheesecake Shots

You can make a rich and creamy Biscoff cheesecake with just 6 ingredients with this recipe. The combination of cheesecake and Biscoff cream cheese is a match made in heaven

2. Biscoff Cake

This Biscoff cake is the ultimate dessert for Biscoff lovers, with layers of moist, spiced brown sugar sponge cake generously filled and frosted with a velvety Biscoff buttercream. It's a must-try dessert that will leave your taste buds craving for more!

3. Biscoff Cupcakes with Biscoff Buttercream

These Biscoff cupcakes are easy to make and have a brown butter spiced cupcake base filled with Speculoos and fluffy cookie butter frosting and Lotus Biscoff cookies. These are the perfect wintery cupcakes for Biscoff lovers and spice cake lovers alike

4. Biscoff Ice Cream (No-Churn Recipe)

Try this Biscoff ice cream out and enjoy the taste of Biscoff heaven! It’s a smooth and creamy ice cream with Biscoff spread that is going to become your new favorite summertime treat. The secret ingredients are heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk.

5. Biscoff Brownies

The recipe combines a fudgy chocolate brownie base with a creamy Biscoff spread swirl and topped with Biscoff biscuits. The result is a soft and chewy brownie that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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6. Biscoff Buttercream Frosting

You can make a delicious, smooth Biscoff buttercream frosting packed with all the flavor of Lotus Biscoff biscuits. It’s perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, biscuits or macarons. This recipe is easy to adjust and will give your bakes a warm, spiced brown sugar flavor that you’ll love.

7. Biscoff Cookie Butter Cookies

With everybody’s favorite creamy dessert spread, plenty of cookie chunks, and melty white chocolate chunks, it's hard to resist these Biscoff butter cookies. They stay soft and thick without needing to chill the dough, and you can make them the straightforward way or go the extra mile and stuff them with extra cookie butter.

8. Lotus Biscoff Butter Bars

Imagine creating a super easy dessert that’s a hit at every gathering. With this recipe, you’ll be making Biscoff butter bars, a treat with a butter cake layer with a cream cheese layer, all flavored with lots of homemade Biscoff butter.

9. Biscoff Truffles

These Biscoff truffles are coated with a mixture of cookie butter and white choco, and packed with warm cookie flavor. They are so delicious and make a great gift.

10. Homemade Biscoff Spread

The ingredients of this recipe are simple and accessible. This easy Biscoff spread is decadently smooth and adaptable, perfect for drizzling on cookies, fruit, ice cream, or pancakes.

11. Vegan Biscoff Tiramisu

This vegan lotus biscoff recipe is perfect for anyone looking for a delicious and easy dessert. It’s simple to make and tastes amazing, making it the perfect treat for any occasion.

12. Biscoff White Chocolate Blondies

These are buttery, brown sugar blondies flavored with white chocolate and Biscoff. Quick and easy to make, these Biscoff blondies with white chocolate are soft and chewy, without a dry crumb in sight.

13. Easy Biscoff Whipped Cream

With Biscoff spread and whipped cream, this is a must-try recipe. It's perfect for serving over waffles, pancakes, desserts, and more.

14. Biscoff Swiss Roll

The Swill roll is made with brown sugar and Biscoff spread with cream. The roll is then topped with more Biscoff and biscuits for an extra touch of indulgence.

15. Biscoff Pancakes

Have these fluffy, loaded with Biscoff and white chocolate chips pancakes any time of the day. Drizzle some melted Biscoff spread for a boost of flavor.

16. Biscoff Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are supremely chewy and have a wonderful elevated flavor with cinnamon-spiced and brown sugared Biscoff spread. Bite into a cookie filled with chocolate chunks and experience a full flavor from the Biscoff spread.

17. Biscoff Mousse

Discover a luscious dessert with just two ingredients: Speculoos cookies and whipped cream. This Biscoff mousse recipe lets you savor the rich flavors of Speculoos in a velvety and effortless treat.

18. Biscoff Swirls

You can bake Biscoff swirls using just 3 ingredients! These sweet treats are quick to make and are the perfect slimming friendly afternoon snack to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

19. Biscoff Chocolate Tart

Reader interactions say this is an easy, no-bake tart. The flavors of caramelized sugar, and hints of warm spices enrobed in dark chocolate make for a decadent dessert that’s both egg-free and dairy-free.

20. Biscoff Shortbread Cookies

The caramel spiced flavor makes these Biscoff shortbread cookies delicious. The recipe is egg-free and can be stored in the freezer, so you can enjoy a crunchy cookie whenever a craving strikes or when you have unexpected guests.

21. Biscoff Cookie Dough

This edible cookie dough recipe is eggless, so it's completely safe to eat. You can even roll the it into balls and cover them in white chocolate topping if you’re serving to guests.

22. Biscoff Banana Bread

Quick and easy, this Biscoff banana bread combines the rich flavors of Biscoff with ripe bananas to create a moist and indulgent treat. Simply mix the ingredients, fold in crushed cookies, and bake until golden brown for a delightful dessert that's perfect for any occasion.

23. Biscoff Crust

Create a tempting crust that's both simple and versatile. Combine crushed Biscoff cookies with melted butter, press it into your desired dish, and voilà – you have a heavenly base ready for a variety of sweet treats. This is one of the Biscoff recipes to try if you want to elevate your dessert game!

24. Biscoff Icebox Cake

The Biscoff icebox cake is a delightful no-bake dessert that requires only refrigeration or freezing for its preparation. This delightful treat comes together with just four simple ingredients: Lotus Biscoff spread and cookies, heavy cream, and condensed milk.

25. Biscoff Rocky Road

Treat yourself with this Biscoff rocky road! It’s so easy and out of this world delicious. Crispy Biscoff biscuits, Biscoff spread, milk chocolate, and fluffy marshmallows come together to make an addictive no-bake treat that is gooey and irresistible.

More Recipes to Make With Biscoff

26. Biscoff Bread Pudding

Why should you make this creamy bread pudding? That's because it's soaked in a rich vanilla custard and generously sprinkled with a crispy Biscoff streusel. The biscoff flavor is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

27. Biscoff Chocolate Ganache Cups

As you savor each bite, the smooth and creamy chocolate ganache beautifully contrasts with the crunch of Biscoff. With a generous chocolate, this treat is a heavenly blend of rich flavors and delightful textures that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

28. Biscoff Cinnamon Rolls

These cinnamon rolls is among the recipes to make with Biscoff you shouldn't miss. Each pillowy swirl is generously slathered with creamy Biscoff spread and infused with warm cinnamon, so you'll enjoy beautiful blend of sweet, spiced flavors.

29. Biscoff Fondue

Dip juicy strawberries and fluffy marshmallows into a warm, velvety pool of sweet, cookie butter drizzle. Perfect for sharing, this delicious recipe is a must-try treat that's both simple and utterly scrumptious.

30. Chocolate Biscoff Whoopie Pies

One of the best Biscoff recipes you'll ever try is this chocolate Biscoff Whoopie Pie. The rich chocolate flavor is perfectly combined with the heavenly taste of Biscoff. The creamy filling, nestled between two soft and cake-like cookies is a treat that you'll want to have again and again.

31. Biscoff Cookie Pie

What you're looking at is a cookie pie stuffed with Biscoff Spread, Biscoff biscuits, and more to create the perfect Biscoff cookie pie. Cookie pies have grown so quickly over the last few years and this one is definitely worth trying.

32. Biscoff Creme Brulee

If you're looking for recipes using Biscoff spread, consider indulging in this creme brulee. It's a rich and creamy custard infused with the flavors of spiced cookies and caramelized sugar.

33. Pumpkin Biscoff Pecan Pie

The smooth pumpkin filling in this pie merges beautifully with the luxurious Biscoff crust, and the candied pecans provide an enjoyable crunch. The best part? It’s super easy to make, promising a lavish dessert without any fuss.

34. Biscoff Chocolate Lava Cake

Are you searching for vegan recipes with Biscoff? This chocolate lava cake is the ultimate dessert for you. It is rich, gooey, chocolatey, and simple to make. In 30 minutes, you can make this decadent treat filled with Biscoff spread. No eggs, no dairy.

35. Biscoff Affogato

Above is an affogato that has a combination of vanilla ice cream and a shot of hot espresso with a dollop of Biscoff spread added to it. It is then finished off with Biscoff, some Biscoff crumbs, and a Biscoff cookie. It’s a perfect dessert for coffee lovers who also love the taste of Speculoos cookie butter.

36. Biscoff Lasagne

This sweet treat is a dessert featuring Biscoff spread and biscuits from Lotus Bakeries. The end result is a decadent, super delicious treat that will have you going for seconds. The lasagne has three layers of Biscoff biscuits, double cream, and Biscoff spread.

37. Biscoff Rice Krispies

The recipe effortlessly combines the classic, nostalgic goodness of Rice Krispies with the creamy, Lotus Biscoff spread. Each bite offers a perfect balance of crunch and velvety smoothness, making them an easy Lotus Biscoff dessert for any occasion.

38. Biscoff Apple Muffins

Start your day with these Biscoff apple muffins. They have a sweet Biscoff streusel and glaze that adds so much flavor to the soft apple muffin recipe. The Biscoff gives these apple muffins a delicious gingerbread flavor.

39. Biscoff Mochi Cookie

You get a good crunch of Biscoff cookies with the creamy richness of cookie butter, all wrapped in a soft, chewy mochi exterior from this treat. The recipe uses frozen spoonfuls of Biscoff spread which is made from Biscoff cookies and cookie butter .

40. Biscoff Chocolate Truffles

TheseBiscoff chocolate trufflesare your favorite Biscoff biscuits combined with dark chocolate. They areeasy no baketreats that you can make at home.

41. Biscoff Strawberry Shortcake

This Biscoff strawberry cake recipe features Biscoff cake layers with Biscoff filling and cookies, paired with a strawberry buttercream and fresh strawberries. The easy Biscoff cake has a unique and delicious texture that’s tender and moist but not at all airy.

42. Biscoff Panna Cotta

Biscoff panna cotta is a creamy and light dessert that you can make with Biscoff cookies and cookie butter spread. You can put more cookie crumbs or cream if you want.

43. Biscoff Mug Cake

You are looking at a mouthwatering Biscoff mug cake that is ready in just 5 minutes. It has a soft and fluffy texture, with a gooey center of melted Biscoff spread. Put some more Biscoff spread and cream for additional texture and sweetness.

44. Biscoff Overnight Oats

This simple and delicious breakfast recipe can be prepared the night before. The next morning, you can put fresh fruits or nuts on the overnight oats.

45. Biscoff Doughnuts

These Lotus Biscoff doughnuts are a sweet treat that you won’t forget. The doughnuts are filled with a delicious Biscoff cookie butter filling that will wake up your taste buds.

46. Biscoff Cake Pop Popsicles

These tempting treats are a dessert to make. Each cakesicle boasts a creamy Biscoff-infused center coated in a smooth chocolate shell and delivers the perfect balance of sweetness and richness in every bite.

47. Biscoff Toffee

Biscoff toffee is a fun take on traditional “Christmas Crack” using yummy Biscoff cookies. It takes traditional crunchy Biscoff cookies to a whole new level with delicious toffee and chocolate. These are great to have around for the holidays but simple enough to make year-round!

48. Biscoff Latte

As you take a sip of the Biscoff cookie butter latte, you’re greeted by the smooth and sweet blend of cookie butter and rich espresso. The creamy texture of the latte combined with the unique flavor of cookie butter creates a memorable coffee experience.

49. Biscoff Bundt Cake

You are looking at a Biscoff Bundt cake, a moist and light cake made with cookie crumbs swirled through the batter. Pour a Biscoff spread glaze on the cake o add more buttery Biscoff goodness to every bite.

50. Biscoff Macarons

These macarons have a lightly cinnamon spiced French macaron shell and are filled with a fluffy cookie butter buttercream frosting and a dollop of biscoff cookie butter. You can’t resist taking a bite of these delicious Biscoff macarons.

50 Best Biscoff Recipes 🍯 Beyond Recipes with Lotus Biscoff Spread (1)

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