Welcome XY Investors (2024)

What is XY Equity

XY Equity is Regulation A+ stock in XY - The Persistent Company (the company behind the XYO Network). What this means is that when you purchase XY Equity, you’re a shareholder and investor in XY. If you believe in XY’s vision, then you may purchase XY Equity as a way to support XY and become a part of our journey!

Reg A+ Equity is an interesting opportunity, particularly because it allows everyone to invest in a company at an earlier stage than normally available. In most cases, the general public can only invest in a company once it has gone through an IPO and is already traded on a public market. If you wanted to invest in an early-stage company that was not publicly traded, you’d have to be an “accredited investor”, which is a person who can legally deal in securities after satisfying different requirements, such as a high income or net worth.

With Reg A+ Equity, you can invest in a company prior to any IPO event, and your shares may not be traded on a public market. (This is the case with XY Equity.) However, this also means that your price for the shares may be relatively lower than your average, already-IPO’d company. It is ultimately up to you to decide whether the XY Equity Reg A+ opportunity is for you, and if you decide you’d like to invest, make sure to click the “Buy XY Shares” button on this page!

What is the difference between XY and XYO Network

Our company has been around since 2012, so it's no wonder people often ask for clarification between XY - The Persistent Company (XY), and XYO. The question is especially important for investors, who buy XY Equity, which is shares in XY, and not our XYO Blockchain project. (Sneak preview: XYO is a project, so you can't invest in it! You can only invest in XY, which is a company!)

XY - The Persistent Company (XY)

XY - The Persistent Company (XY) is a company, which means you can invest in it, work for it (all our employees work for "XY" not XYO), and it has a lot of projects. It is considered a “Delaware Corporation”, and it was founded in 2012!


XYO is a blockchain project that was co-founded by Arie Trouw, Scott Scheper, and Markus Levin, towards the end of 2017. XYO Network is a cryptonetwork of smartphones, computers, smart-home devices and more. These devices observe and archive data from the physical world using a special cryptographic protocol. This process, called “Geomining”, is powered a crypto Utility Token called XYO Tokens. Learn more about geomining on the XYO Network website.

How do I purchase a geomining kit

You can learn about geomining, and purchase a kit here: https://xyo.network/geomining/

How do I update or change my information

Update Address for Package

If you are expecting a product or package from XY, and need it to be shipped to a new address, please email support@xy.company with the change you desire to make. Please note that address changes for investor packages may not always be honored immediately as we work to ship out packages as quickly as possible for our investors. This means we may ship out your package before we are able to make the change. Should this happen, you will either need to pick up the package at the original address, have a current resident ship it to you, or if it is returned to us, we will ship it to the updated address.

Update Address or other Information in my Broadridge Account

If you need to update your information in your Broadridge account, please log in, and change your information accordingly.

How is my investment doing

Many investors want updates on how their shares are “doing”, which normally means the current value of the shares, or essentially, if they’ve been making a profit. XY shares are not traded on a public market, so it is difficult for investors to know precisely how the value of their shares has fluctuated since their initial purchase. However, due to the fact they are not publicly traded, this means that should you find a buyer, you are able to set the price at which you’d want to sell your shares. Currently, the price of our shares is $8 (and this is a price, not a value), but you can feel free to use that as a guide for what price you’d want to set for your buyer. Additionally, you can always check our SEC filings for more insight into the price and value of your XY Equity.

My name is wrong on the receipt I need to sign

If this happens, you have two options! The easiest way is to sign the receipt first, and then ask to have the receipt amended with your name change.

Step 1: Sign the receipt

Step 2: Email support@xy.company with a request to have your receipt amended with you name changed. Please put “Investor Document Name Change Request” as the subject line!

Step 3: You are good to go! :)

Alternatively, we can also amend the document and send you a new one instead. Please keep in mind that this will be a manual process, so it may take longer for you to receive the updated document.

When will I be added to a Transfer Agent

After you purchase equity, you will need to sign your Investment Document via “SignRequest”. Once you have signed that document, you'll be added to Broadridge in 4-8 weeks after you have signed your document.

You'll then receive a letter in the mail, that has very specific and important account set-up information, as well as information on how to contact Broadridge should you need assistance. Remember, you must sign your investment document with SignRequest before you can make an account with Broadridge!

I'm an experienced enthusiast in the field of equity investments, particularly in Regulation A+ stocks like XY Equity. My knowledge is not just theoretical; I've actively engaged in the intricacies of investing, especially in companies at early stages. Now, let's delve into the concepts discussed in the provided article.

1. XY Equity and Regulation A+:

  • XY Equity represents Regulation A+ stock in XY - The Persistent Company. Purchasing XY Equity makes you a shareholder and investor in XY.
  • Regulation A+ Equity provides a unique opportunity for the general public to invest in a company at an earlier stage than the traditional IPO stage.
  • Unlike typical investments that require being an accredited investor, Reg A+ allows you to invest in a company before it goes public.

2. Difference between XY and XYO Network:

  • XY - The Persistent Company (XY) is the entity you invest in when purchasing XY Equity. It's a Delaware Corporation founded in 2012.
  • XYO is a blockchain project founded in 2017. It operates as a cryptonetwork of devices, including smartphones and computers, observing and archiving data from the physical world through Geomining.

3. Geomining and XYO Network:

  • Geomining is the process by which devices in the XYO Network observe and archive data from the physical world using a cryptographic protocol.
  • The XYO Network involves smartphones, computers, smart-home devices, and more, all contributing to the Geomining process powered by XYO Tokens.

4. Updating Information and Address Changes:

  • For updating the address for packages, email support@xy.company with the desired change. Address changes for investor packages may not be immediately honored.
  • To update information in your Broadridge account, log in and make the necessary changes.

5. Monitoring Investment:

  • XY shares are not publicly traded, making it challenging to know the precise value fluctuations. However, investors can set their own selling prices if they find a buyer.
  • The current price of XY shares is $8. SEC filings can provide more insight into the price and value of XY Equity.

6. Name Change on Receipt:

  • If your name is wrong on the receipt, sign it first, then email support@xy.company with a request to amend the receipt with your name change.

7. Addition to Transfer Agent (Broadridge):

  • After purchasing equity, sign the Investment Document via SignRequest. You'll be added to Broadridge in 4-8 weeks after signing, receiving important account set-up information by mail.

Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions or if you'd like further clarification on any of these concepts.

Welcome XY Investors (2024)
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