The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (2024)

Whether you find pleasure in long walks in the countryside, get excited about riding a thrilling rollercoaster, or prefer canoeing on a peaceful river – the UK has plenty of attractions for family weekend breaks to offer. Not sure where to go and what to do? We’ve made a list of our top 10 family weekend getaways, and enjoyable things to do for both adults and children.

The Cotswolds | Cornwall | Devon | Sussex |Lake District |Snowdonia

Kent | Norfolk | Suffolk | Yorkshire

1. Family weekend getaways in the Cotswolds

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (1)

For families who love nature.

The Cotswolds, located in the heart of England, is the largest ‘Area of Outstanding Beauty’ in England. With its stunning countryside, charming villages and rolling hillsides, it makes the perfect family weekend break for those who want to recharge innature.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • Blenheim Palace: Titled ‘Britain’s Greatest Palace’, the World Heritage Site just outside of Oxford represents over 300 years of history.
  • Corinium Museum: Located in Cirencester, this museum showcases rare collections from the Roman and pre-historic age.
  • Cogges Manor Farm: Farm animals and adventure playgrounds – Cogges Manor Farm in Witley is great for families with younger children.
  • Birdland Park and Gardens: Across nine acres in Bourton-on-water you get the chance to interact with flamingos, penguins, falcons and more.

Places to stay: Our luxury cottages are the perfect place to relax and soak up new energy after a long day of walking through nature.

2. Family weekend getaways in Cornwall

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (2)

For families who like to spend time at the seaside.

Being one of the hottest counties in the UK in summer, Cornwall is a popular destination due to its long, sandy beaches. Famous for Cornish pasties, ice cream, and clotted cream, Cornwall is also great for foodies.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • Newquay Zoo: From six-banded armadillos to Brazilian tapirs – at Newquay Zoo you will find various exotic animal species. On top of that, you can book special animal experiences, such as lion feeding.
  • Carnglaze Caverns: This spectacular underground experience does not only include an underwater lake but is also a popular event and concert venue.
  • National Maritime Museum: Right by the sea in Falmouth you can learn about Cornwall’s rich maritime heritage.
  • Eden Project: Don’t want to travel to South America to visit the rainforest? Don’t worry – Cornwall’s Eden Project is the largest indoor rainforest in the world.

Looking for more things to do with your family? Check out our suggestions here.

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3. Family weekend getaways in Devon

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (3)

For families who are into water sports.

Beautiful coastlines, national parks, and medieval towns – Devon is known for its versatile scenery. Whether you like surfing, fishing or climbing, there is always something to get stuck into.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • River Dart Country Park: Set within Dartmoor National Park, you’ll get the chance to camp, cycle a bike trail or canoe along River Dart.
  • South Devon Railway: Being the longest-established steam railway in the southwest, South Devon Railway offers picturesque rides between Buckfastleigh and Totnes.
  • Exmouth Beach: Whether it is kitesurfing, windsurfing or stand-up paddleboarding that you’re into – Exmouth Beach offers (almost!) every watersport you can think of.
  • Golden Hinde Museum Ship: Travel back in time to the Elizabethan era – discover the first English ship to circumnavigate the world and embark on a journey with its captain Francis Drake.

For a further read on the best activities for kids in Devon, have a look at our blog.

Places to stay: Fancy a retreat with the whole family? We’ve got a wide array of holiday homes in Devon available for you.

4. Family weekend getaways in Sussex

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (4)

For families who like having a stroll on the beach.

Sussex is home to many seaside towns, including Hastings, Brighton, and Eastbourne – all of which are charming in their own way. Walking along the seafront and visiting the pier with its many arcades is a great activity for the whole family.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • Drusillas Park: Targeted towards children between 2 and 10 years, the rather small zoo in East Sussex is a great family day out.
  • Lagoon Watersports: Located in both Brighton Marina and Hove Lagoon, the company offers courses ranging from wakeboarding to sailing for both children and adults.
  • Bluereef Aquarium: Find Nemo and his friends in Hasting’s renowned aquarium.
  • Ashdown Llama Farm: In East Sussex, you’ll have the exclusive chance to take llamas on a walk – a highlight for children and adults alike.

For more family-friendly activities in Sussex, take a look at this blog.

Places to stay: From countryside manors to seaside villas – find your dream home during your stay in Sussex.

5. Family weekend getaways in the Lake District

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (5)

For families who love exploring the countryside.

The Lake District is not only the UK’s largest national park but also a World Heritage Site. The picturesque park offers both scenic walks, canoeing opportunities, and hikes, among other outdoor activities.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • Coniston Boating Centre: Rent a motorboat, or canoe, and explore the beautiful scenery around Coniston Water.
  • Windermere Islands: Being the biggest lake in the Lake District, Windermere is home to over ten islands. Why not rent a boat and go island hopping?
  • Langdale Valley: Split into two valleys, Langdale is a great place to discover the beauty of the Lake District with its guided walks.
  • Hardknott Fort: Revisit the Roman age at this remote fort which was founded under Hadrian’s rule.

For more information about the Lake District, check out our exclusivelocal guide.

Places to stay: Would you rather stay in a secluded mansion or live directly by the lake? We’ve got options for all your desires.

6. Family weekend getaways in Snowdonia

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (6)

For family weekend breaks full of hiking, biking and steam train riding.

Snowdonia must be one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. The national park includes Wales’ highest mountain and is a great spot for hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. This corner of the world comprises some pretty incredible landscapes including wide sand bank beaches that emerge from river mouths to thickly forested mountainsides.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • Greenwood Forest Park: family day out adventures don’t come more thrilling than this. With a selection of kid-friendly rollercoasters, slides, a splash park, a dragon maze, a river ride and a treetop walkway, there’s something for every little adventurer to enjoy.
  • King Arthur’s Labyrinth: an underground storytelling adventure where you’ll set sail through a magical waterfall and deep into the mountains of Southern Snowdonia and to a mysterious land of legends… This activity is ideal on one of Wales’ many rainy days!
  • Snowdon Mountain Railway: take a steam locomotive to the top of the mountain and enjoy incredible views along the 1 hour journey. Don’t forget a camera – you won’t want to miss these photo opportunities.

Places to stay:Beach house, coach house or estuary view cottage – we’ve got you covered.

7. Family weekend getaways in Kent

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (7)

For families who love wildlife.

Kent, known as the gateway to France, offers a wide array of activities. While charming towns grace the seaside, cities such as Canterbury feature medieval and historic sights, perfect for an educational family weekend break.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • Wildwood: Discover British wildlife at Wildwood. In over 40 acres of woodland, you can come nose-to-nose with arctic foxes, bears, and wolves.
  • Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation: Showcasing over 50 bird species, visitors can marvel at majestic Andean condors, eagles, and more.
  • Chiddingstone Castle: Nestled in the upper valley of the River Medway, the historic house displays world-renowned collections from ancient Egypt, Japan, and more.
  • The Canterbury Tales: No stay in Canterbury is complete without visiting the legendary The Canterbury Tales attraction. See how the tales are brought back to life during the re-created medieval tour.

For more information on what to do in Kent with the kids (and without!), check out our blog.

Places to stay: Whether you prefer the countryside or rather stay in a farmhouse, guaranteed you’ll find a great fit among our holiday home selection.

8. Family weekend getaways in Norfolk

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (8)

For families who like seaside adventures and woodland fun.

Beautiful Norfolk is renowned for its varied countryside and 45 miles of delightful coastline, opening up the county to an array of activities for a family weekend break.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • Holkham Estate: this magnificent manor house is home to a woodland adventure play area in its vast grounds where young adventurers will delight in the swing bridges, seesaws and hair-raising ziplines! What’s more, they have a fabulous roster ofchildren’s events through the season, including outdoor theatre, tractor trailer rides, pond dipping, deer walks, bushcraft sessions and much more.
  • Cromer Pier: the iconic Victorian pier at Cromer is home to a fantastic theatre with all manner of shows year-round. The kids are sure to love the talent shows, magic and pantomime that draw adoring crowds. Before the show, why not try your hand at crabbing from the edge of the pier and pick up a new sea creature friend!
  • Seal spotting: take the kids to Blakeney Point to see grey seals and harbour seals lazing on the sandy spit of land or head out on a boat trip from Morston Quay. If you’re visiting in summer and are very lucky, you might even see adorable fluffy seal pups too!

Fancy a delicious meal? Have a look at our foodie recommendations in Norfolk!

Places to stay: After a busy day sightseeing, our luxury cottages are a great hideaway in the Norfolk countryside.

9. Family weekend getaways in Suffolk

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (9)

For families who are interested in both heritage sites and views of nature.

Filled to the brim with natural beauty and intriguing history, Suffolk’s rural idyll is imprinted into the pages of history with Constable’s painting of the The Hay Wain. Discover picture-postcard villages and Medieval towns or head to the pretty coast.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • Go Ape Thetford: navigatehair-raising treetop crossings and make your way across a variety of obstacles to a zip-line finale!
  • Anglia Indoor Kart Racing: the young racer in your will delight in storming around these awesome tracks. There are courses made for little kids and big kids alike.
  • Framlingham Castle: step into history at this stunning medieval castle which has huge lawns for the kids to run on, or why not go inside to try on historical hats and play a game to find out what people ate in the past… Educational and fun!

Take a deep dive into this stunner of a county with our Suffolk Travel Guide or discover thebest beaches on our ‘sunshine coast’.

Places to stay: from barn conversions to mega manor houses, find your next Suffolk stay.

10. Family weekend getaways in Yorkshire

The Top 10 Family Weekend Breaks in the UK (10)

For families who like outdoor activities.

We couldn’t list family weekend break ideas without mentioning God’s own country. Known for its Roman and Viking heritage, Norman castles, medieval towns, and Tudor houses can be found across Yorkshire and showcase a rich history.

Family-friendly activities include:

  • National Coal Mining Museum: Based in Wakefield, the museum provides you with the unique opportunity to travel 140 metres underground and explore England’s last deep coal mine.
  • Cannon Hall Farm: At the award-winning farm you don’t only have a high chance of seeing the live birth of a piglet. Other attractions include indoor and outdoor adventure playgrounds for children.
  • Flamingo Land: The name might let you think Flamingo Land only has the graceful wading birds to show. In reality, Flamingo Land comprises a theme park and zoo with various attractions for both the young and the young at heart.

Up for even more activities? Have a look here for more fun things to do.

Places to stay: Check out our beautiful range of cottages, villas, and farms in Yorkshire – they are the perfect base to explore historic sites and activities.

So, which region will you pick for your next weekend break in the UK? Let us know in the comment section below!


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