Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic Soup Recipe (2024)

By Ali Slagle

Updated March 1, 2024

Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic Soup Recipe (1)

Total Time
1 hour 10 minutes
Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
1 hour
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This three-ingredient vegan soup isn’t a trick: It’s as velvety and rich as its creamy, dairy-full counterparts, with a sweetness that lingers and warms. Coax deep, nutty flavors from cauliflower and a whole head of garlic by roasting them until caramelized; next you’ll simmer them until nearly falling apart, then blend the mixture until silky-smooth. Gentle and comforting on its own, the soup can also serve as the start to your own creation: You could roast sliced onions or leeks instead of the garlic; stir in Cheddar, Gruyère or Parmesan; or top with fried sage or capers. Accompany with grilled cheese or pumpernickel bread, or a hearty salad with grains or lentils.

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Yield:4 to 6 servings

  • pounds cauliflower (1 very large head), cut into 1-inch florets, leaves reserved
  • ¼cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1head garlic

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Nutritional analysis per serving (6 servings)

141 calories; 10 grams fat; 2 grams saturated fat; 0 grams trans fat; 7 grams monounsaturated fat; 1 gram polyunsaturated fat; 13 grams carbohydrates; 4 grams dietary fiber; 4 grams sugars; 4 grams protein; 481 milligrams sodium

Note: The information shown is Edamam’s estimate based on available ingredients and preparation. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.

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Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic Soup Recipe (2)


  1. Step


    Heat the oven to 425 degrees. On a sheet pan, toss the cauliflower florets and leaves with the olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper. Cut off the top ¼ inch of the head of garlic to expose the top of the cloves, then place on a piece of foil, cut side up. Sprinkle exposed cloves with salt, then drizzle lightly with oil. Wrap the garlic in the foil and place on the sheet pan. Roast until the cauliflower is browned and tender and the garlic is soft and fragrant, 30 to 35 minutes.

  2. Meanwhile, in a large pot or Dutch oven, bring 6 cups of water and 1 teaspoon salt to a simmer over medium. Reserve about 1 cup cauliflower for the topping, then add the rest to the pot, including any browned bits on the sheet pan. Squeeze the roasted garlic cloves from their skins into the pot. Cover and simmer until the cauliflower is very soft, 7 to 10 minutes.

  3. Step


    Off the heat, using an immersion blender (or working in batches in a traditional blender), purée the soup until smooth. If thick, add water to taste. If thin, simmer, uncovered, for 5 to 10 minutes to reduce slightly. (The soup will also thicken as it cools.) Season to taste with salt.

  4. Step


    Serve the soup topped with the reserved roasted cauliflower, a drizzle of olive oil and more black pepper.



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Cooking Notes


I wonder if using a few cups of chicken broth in exchange for some of the water would make for an even more savory soup? I know it would obviate the vegan-ness, but for non-vegans it might be tasty...


This soup was awesome. So simple and so delicious. I didn’t have quite enough cauliflower so I added some chickpeas to both the roasting and blending steps and it was a nice consistency.


Throw in a handful of raw, unsalted cashew pieces with the broth - before puréeing, to add a bit of protein and keep it vegan.

David Morris

I never understood why beets and garlic get wrapped in foil when one is roasting them. Can they really caramelize wrapped up in foil and steaming in their own evaporating liquid? I roast beets with olive oil, salt and pepper, uncovered, and they come out delicious and caramelized. Similarly, I would be inclined to roast the garlic uncovered. Any thoughts?

Rachel S

very yummy and simple! Some modifications:- I didn't use the cauliflower leaves.- my cauliflower head was not "very large". To make up for this, I used only 4c water, but the soup was still pretty watery in the end.- used veggie broth instead of water.Next time I make this soup, I think I will use 2 heads of cauliflower (no leaves), the full 6 cups of liquid (veggie broth), and also I would roast the florets and garlic for longer -- at least 45 mins.

Lydia Sugarman

Yes, adding some Great Northern, cannellini, or navy beans or a potato or two will add creaminess. Along with the olive oil, they add an unctuousness to the soup.Is there any reason not to use stock inplace of water? Vegetable stock would still keep it vegan, no?


Add Parmesan Rinds!


Put the garlic in before you prepare the cauliflower. It needs closer to an hour to really get golden brown and tender.


To the person who said browning cauliflower makes it bitter: I have been cooking professionally for almost 40 years and I have never experienced caramelized cauliflower to be bitter.


There is a great vegan “no chicken” base by “Better than Bouillon” in a jar that we have used for years in Chinese and veggie recipes instead of chicken stock and it is terrific. Adds the depth we want. Easy way to keep it plant-based and delicious.

Kate Disney

Consider white pepper and a bit of horseradish to add a twist to this.


I like adding silken tofu or a can of beans to soups like this to bump up the satiety. Will be trying this!!!


How are the cauliflower leaves supposed to be used?


I garnished this with dry roasted cumin and cayenne. Delicious.

Jen P

I added a couple of teaspoons of dijon mustard- yum!


Add cumin, red pepper, and a squeeze of lemon. A little boring otherwise.


Comforting, versatile, nutritious! I used parmesan rind broth that I happened to have in the freezer - delicious! Chicken or vegetable stock could work well too. I processed initially with an immersion blender, then transferred in batches to a traditional blender. To achieve the look in the photo, serve in shallow bowls (otherwise roasted cauliflower pieces may sink). [Ali mentions topping with fried sage or capers, consider also a squeeze of fresh lemon.]


I did not think this soup was terrible, but my family hated it with such a fervor that it was ridiculed by all throughout dinner and for the remainder of the evening. I expect this to be the family’s new reference point for something awful. We won’t be making it again.


I added 2 cups of cooked chick peas and veg bouillon - it was a lovely simple dinner. Roasted the cauli the night before.


This is unbelievable! So easy and so delicious! The only thing I changed was using chicken broth instead of water.

Maria Paula

Instead of the 6 cups of water I used 4 cups of bone broth and 2 cups of water. I also added a peeled potato cut in cubes in the boiling water with the cauliflower. It was a little bit heavy but very nourishing for my 1 and a half year old baby and was DELICIOUS ;)


Can’t imagine this soup with water. It’s bland enough with veg stock. Used 4c instead of 6c. Best way to finish this soup is with the rosemary and thyme olive oil I picked up on a trip. Not sure I’ll make again, unless I’m short on pantry items to make a different recipe.


I used vegetable broth instead of water and reduced the amount of water until I could tell how thin or thick it was. I’m glad I did. I also used some coarse salt that had rosemary in it- this is fantastic. The reserved cauliflower never made it back into the bowl. I ate it all while I waited for the soup to cook


As others have said it’s pretty bland when made to the recipe. I added chicken broth, sour cream and Parmesan to give it more ooompf.


Not stellar. Would be better off just eating the roasted cauliflower which is delicious on its’ own. Somehow when turned into this soup, the taste is more like boiled cauliflower that the olds use to make back in the day. If you like boiled cauliflower this is for you.


This was delicious. I definitely would have kept it to these particular ingredients but I was well aware, even before I started, that my cauliflower was not big enough. I trudged ahead anyway. My soup ended up a bit watery. I solved that with a few dollops of Greek yogurt. It was delicious. Next time I will make sure I have plenty of cauliflower because I am definitely making this again. The pleasure is in the deliciousness and the simplicity.


Made as per the recipe but used two heads of cauliflower and the heads of garlic. I had some turkey broth bin the freezer (I used 6 cups) and followed sa reader suggestion of Ras El Hanout ( a tablespoon) it was superb.

The Anch

Add lemon and some red mirchi


I had a very large head of cauliflower so 6 cups of water made for a fine soup. I roasted and used the leaves which were mostly stem.


3/13/24Added roasted leeks and beans. Was too thick and pasty, and not as flavorful as I would have liked.

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Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic Soup Recipe (2024)
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