Accounting Systems & Technology Manager at USC (2024)

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At Information Technology Services, our goal is to be the university's trusted business partner by creating a culture of exceptional customer service. Bringing together a team of diverse and talented professionals, we provide the central IT services that support USC's schools, hospitals, research centers, and administrative units. Through our recently launched digital transformation initiatives, we aim to develop an environment of continuous service improvement, founded on cross-functional teamwork, industry best practices, innovation, and commitment to the customer experience.

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Apply Office of the Comptroller Los Angeles, California

Capitalizing on over 140 years of history and tradition in downtown Los Angeles, the University of Southern California (USC) has embarked on an unprecedented period of expansion. USC is now poised to take its place as the preeminent research institution of the 21st century and we are looking for skilled, motivated professionals to help forge the future of higher education.

The USC Finance Division department of Finance: Office of the Comptroller is seeking an Accounting Systems & Technology Manager to join its team.

The Work You Will Do:

The Accounting Systems & Technology Manager is responsible for assisting the Deputy University Comptroller with overseeing the implementation, stabilization and maintenance of the accounting systems and technology infrastructure managed by the Comptroller’s Office. The role will also be responsible for monitoring and managing accounting systems from the technical, operational and controls perspective, as well as ensure proper consistent usage of the system.

The Accounting Systems & Technology Manager:

  • Assists the Deputy University Comptroller in leading implementation, stabilization and maintenance of accounting systems and technology solutions to ensure properly accounting treatment execution in the ERP system, as well as cohesive process integrations and robust internal controls. Develops and maintains documentation for Workday Finance operational maintenance processes and procedures, as well as period specific tasks (i.e., yearend close procedures), including process flows.

  • Reviews and maintains Workday Finance’s FDM structure, identify gaps, inconsistencies and/or internal control opportunities to best manage the structure. Assists the Deputy Comptroller in designing a FDM structure governance and leading FDM best practice discussions. In addition, making changes and enhancement to the FDM as part of a larger strategic effort.

  • Collaborates with internal stakeholders (finance and IT) to understand requirements, identify enhancements, and ensure proper subsystem integrations with the accounting systems. Identifies opportunities to introduce new tools to assist with the accounting business operations. Identifies opportunities and lead efforts to streamline accounting processes either through accounting tool recommendations or automation efforts.

  • Work closely with key Information Technology Services (ITS) stakeholders to understand their path-forward plan and strategy with Workday Finance to ensure alignment with the Comptroller’s Office. Work closely with their business analyst team, as deemed necessary on execution of enhancements, corrections, etc.

  • Ensure alignment of technology solutions and functional strategies and delivering best-in-class services to all stakeholders. Manages the implications of controls and compliance guidelines by embedding university policies and procedures into workflows and plans. Communicates the importance of and sensitivities around risk identification, mitigation, and remediation.

  • Oversees, enables, and participates in collaborations with academic and administrative units to design and document business processes and drive continuous improvement efforts. Defines and manages methods and procedures required to satisfy objectives. Establishes surveys and metrics to monitor and report on team progress. Facilitates communication and ensures solution quality and accuracy.

  • Independently handles risk and change, following team/project philosophies and basic functional design strategies in uncertain situations. Stays current with and leverages the latest technology, industry standards and best practices.

  • Manages team member development, helping them set and achieve career growth goals and creating opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and abilities. Promotes an environment that fosters inclusive relationships and creates unbiased opportunities for contributions through ideas, words, and actions that uphold principles of the USC Code of Ethics.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned or requested. The university reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.

Preferred Qualifications:

The ideal candidate for the position of Accounting Systems & Technology Manager meets the following preferred criteria:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management, Accounting, or Business Administration

  • 7 years of experience in an information technology environment playing a key role in system management

  • 5 years of experience in leadership/management roles

  • 2 to 4 years of direct or indirect accounting operations experience

  • Demonstrated experience with relevant platforms, software and applications (e.g., Kuali, Workday Finance)

Minimum Qualifications:

Candidates for the position of Accounting Systems & Technology Manager must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field

  • 6 years of experience

  • 3 years of experience in leadership/management roles

  • Demonstrated understanding of leading business processes/practices within varied industries (e.g., information technology, digital security). Extensive experience with varied ERP platforms (e.g., Workday Finance) and enterprise resource planning solutions to support students, human resources, payroll, and/or financial services. Proven ability to understand and work with large, complex IT systems

  • Demonstrated experience engaging, managing, and developing large, high-performing teams. Excellent written and oral communication skills, able to articulate visions and strategies and present technical topics in business-oriented fashions to non-technical audiences.

  • Demonstrated experience interpreting, analyzing, and applying pertinent policies, procedures, regulations, and requirements. Experience influencing established policies, processes and procedures to align with innovative solutions. Proven ability to anticipate customer needs and future/emerging trends.

In addition, the successful candidate must also demonstrate, through ideas, words and actions, a strong commitment to USC’s Unifying Values of integrity, excellence, diversity, equity and inclusion, well-being, open communication and accountability.

The annual base salary for this position is up to $175,000.00. When extending an offer of employment, the University of Southern California considers factors such as (but not limited to) the scope and responsibilities of the position, the candidate’s work experience, education/training, key skills, internal peer equity, federal, state, and local laws, contractual stipulations, grant funding, as well as external market and organizational considerations.

About the USC Office of the Comptroller:

The USC Finance Division - Office of the Comptroller handles various accounting & financial processes for the University, including the establishment, implementation, and administration of university accounting principles, practices, and procedures, systems for the maintenance of its fiscal records, and preparation of financial reports. The Comptroller’s Office manages Fringe Benefits Accounting, Financial Systems Administration, Financial System Access & Support, and University Payroll Services. Learn more about the Office of the Comptroller at: us - apply today!

The University of Southern California values diversity and is committed to equal opportunity in employment.

Minimum Education: Bachelor's DegreeCombined experience/education as substitute for minimum educationMinimum Experience: 3-6 years Combined experience/education as substitute for minimum work experiencehas context menu

REQ20150239 Posted Date: 06/06/2024 - Thru date - 2024-06-14 Apply

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Accounting Systems & Technology Manager at USC (2024)
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