13 Excellent Things to Eat, Drink & Do in Pittsburgh This May (2024)

As the weather warms up, there’s so much to do in Pittsburgh – and so much to eat, too. There’s new dishes to try, drinks to enjoy, and some fantastic food events to attend. Consider this your guide to the very best ways to dive into everything the city has to offer this month.

1. Celebrate Burger Month with the best smash burgers in the ‘Burgh.
We’re lucky to have so many great places to grab a smash burger (those super-thin burgers made by smashing ground beef onto the grill with a spatula) in the city, but we do have our favorites. We’ll be celebrating Burger Month with visits to Moonlit Burgers (of course!), Simply Burgers & Fries in Lawrenceville Market House (don’t sleep on their doughnut smash!), Pittsburgh Sandwich Society for their In-N-Aht Burger, and Burgatory, where their May burger of the month is made with two griddled smash burgers, and topped with shredded cheddar, bacon, and candied jalapenos.

2. Have a margarita (or two) on Cinco de Mayo.
Cheers to Cinco de Mayo being on a weekend this year!

  • Duo’s Taqueria is throwing a grand Cinco de Mayo Celebration on May 5, featuring their specialty Margarita a la Puerto Vallarta, with pineapple and fig.
  • Mad Mex will be serving up a up a festive Breakfast Mex from 10:00 a.m. to noon on May 4 and May 5, with breakfast burritos and quesadillas, along with outdoor celebrations at their Cranberry and Robinson locations on May 5, starting at 4:00 p.m.
  • Esquina Cantina (formerly Round Corner Cantina) in Lawrenceville kicks off the weekend with Don Julio Happy Hour, vibrant dishes, and live music.
  • Ritual House offers an extensive margarita menu with 13 options, including a carrot juice-infused Ritual Margarita, in the iconic downtown Pittsburgh Union Trust building.

3. Feast on the truly excellent roast chicken at Fet-Fisk.
If you haven’t been to Fet-Fisk yet, make this the month you check it out. The restaurant and lounge offers a roast chicken that has quickly become one of the city’s most destination-worthy dishes. Roasted to crispy perfection, and served with lingonberries and farmer’s cheese, it’s a standout on a menu of standouts – and worth a visit to Bloomfield. Fet-Fisk (4786 Liberty Avenue)

4. Have a soda-fountain experience at Hieber’s Pharmacy
Experience a throwback with an old-fashioned soda fountain treat at Hieber’s Pharmacy in the Strip District. The long-time Pittsburgh independent pharmacy just opened their second city location at the Strip District Terminal, featuring local products, over-the-counter (and prescription) medications, and an old-school soda fountain with lots of ice cream treats (and seating). Hieber’s Pharmacy (1759 Smallman Street)

5. Go vegetarian for the day at The Pittsburgh VegFair
From the team behind the popular Pittsburgh VegFest comes the Pittsburgh VegFair, happening on Saturday, May 4 at Rockwell Park in Point Breeze. Some of the city’s favorite veg and vegan food makers will be serving up their best dishes, including Onion Maiden, Monster Baby Donuts, Pitaland, Orange Avocado Pittsburgh, Pure Grub, PGH Dumplingz, Revival Chili and more. More info can be found online.

6. Kick off Pittsburgh’s farmers market season.
We’re still working on our MASSIVE annual farmer’s market guide for 2024 (stay tuned for just a few more days) but a few opening dates to keep in mind:

  • Lawrenceville Farmers Market: Every Tuesday, opens May 2
  • Bloomfield Farmers Market: Every Saturday, opens May 4
  • Squirrel Hill Farmers Market: Every Sunday, opens May 12
  • Northside Farmers Market: Every Friday, opens May 24

7. Try the Tom Ka Juicy Dumplings at The Parlor Dim Sum… while you can.
We love that every time we go to Parlor Dim Sum, there’s a new unique dumpling to try, but we’re really going to miss this one. Made with Thai spice and sour coconut broth and chicken, and served with fresh shallots, the Tom Ka Juicy Dumplings are some of the best ones we’ve tried. They’re only available for a few more days, so if you can snag a reservation, try to make it happen. Also, don’t miss their other spring specials, like the wok-fried lobster noodles with scallion sauce, roast duck egg roll with hoisin, and Puffle with local honey, fresh fruit, and boba. The Parlor Dim Sum (4401 Butler Street)

8. Eat all the Spanakopita you can at the St. Nicholas Greek Food Festival.
The St. Nicholas Greek Food Festival has been a Pittsburgh staple for 62 years, with fantastic Greek food and music during the weeklong festival. The menu features Greek favorites like Soulvlakia with rice, Pastit*io, Moussaka, and Loukoumades. More information can be foundonline.

9. Have some late-night bites at Sally Ann’s.
Since the pandemic, Pittsburgh has been sorely lacking in late-night options – but Sally Ann’s downtown is changing that. Starting on Thursday, May 2, they’ll be open for late-night hours every Thursday through Sunday until 10:00 p.m., featuring a special food and drink menu, with options like the South Beach Spritz and BBQ Old-Fashioned at the bar, and bites like a Pastrami Reuben, a Wagyu burger, Huli Huli chicken wings, and BLT with Strip District bacon. Sally Ann’s (136 6th Street)

10. Order a custom cookie from Butter & Joy.
One of the best Pittsburghers we know, Jasmine Cho, has recently rebranded her amazing baking company to Butter & Joy (formerly Yummyholic) – and she’s opening her books for the rest of the spring and summer for custom orders. Her spectacular Portrait Cookie Boxes include one portrait cookie and six custom mini cookies, and start at $75 (and they’re well worth it for the absolute look of delight that you’ll have when you see the end result). See more options, and place an order, online.

11. Finally treat yourself to some takeout from Golden Gai.
It’s been a long time coming, but Golden Gai, Richard DeShantz’s new Japanese Izakaya-style restaurant, is officially opening on Tuesday, May 28 – for takeout, at least. The Bakery Square spot is starting “Phase 1” of its rollout, and will offer takeout sushi, with the restaurant and bar opening at a later date. Golden Gai (116 Bakery Square Blvd.)

12. Swing by Leona’s Ice Cream window at Lawrence Hall
Not only does the newly-opened Lawrence Hall feature four distinct restaurants inside its Lawrenceville space, but it also has an ice cream window from Leona’s Ice Cream, perfect for grabbing their dreamy ice cream sandwiches and cones. You’ve got to try their Lavender Honeycomb, a must-try treat that’s currently my pick for the best flavor in the city. Leona’s Ice Cream (4609 Butler Street)

13. Sample hundreds of wines and spirits at the Pittsburgh Wine & Spirits Festival.
On Friday, May 31, our friends at Pittsburgh Magazine are hosting their annual Pittsburgh Wine & Spirits Festival, featuring over 200 wines and spirits at the Rivers Casino Event Center. The evening includes meet and greets, a buffet dinner, and more. Tickets are available online.

Whether you’re looking for a taste of local flavors, festive events, or just a delightful way to spend your days, Pittsburgh in May offers something exciting for everyone.

13 Excellent Things to Eat, Drink & Do in Pittsburgh This May (2024)
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